PT34 IMF - Harlem Electronics c15
PT33 ???

PT32 Regler - regel #4 (HNW) CD
PT31 Nick Hoffman - Bayonet  zine
PT30 Tim Olive & Horacio Pollard - Frackers-Como c35
PT29 STOP HATE IN AMERICA Vol. 1 zine out of print
PT28 Nick Hoffman - Bruiser CDr   last copies
PT27 Miguel Prado - Kempelen's Lesson 7" lathe out of print
PT26 Coppice - Epoxy  c41 last copies
PT25 Double Morris - Best Of The HighTone Years c18 last copies
PT23 Back Magic - Blood Plaza 5" lathe
out of print  
PT22 Satoshi Kanda & Nick Hoffman - "COCKROACH BOY" CDr out of print
PT21 Stephen Cornford / Jason Kahn / Patrick Farmer - Bristol c41 out of print
PT20 Ryu Hankil / Hong Chulki / Nick Hoffman - SONNE  LP out of print 
PT19 Aaron Zarzutzki & Nick Hoffman - Exhaustive Expulsion  2 x c61 out of print
PT18 Noish & Xedh - rlhaaa to c41 out of print
PT17 Richard Kamerman - I'm Sick Of Coming Up With Titles c10 out of print
PT16 Nick Hoffman - HELL HOUSE  zine/CDr out of print 
PT15 Graham Stephenson - DEFIANTLY NOT CDr out of print
PT14 VEYOU - Swamp Hag CDr out of print
PT13 Back Magic - Dream Lover c22 out of print
PT12 Kawasaki / Kawaguchi / Hoffman - Noise Without Tears 10" lathe out of print
PT11 VEYOU - Carcass in the Mist c10 out of print
PT10 Che Chen - Pulaski Wave (Violin Halo) b/w Newton Creek Mirror Lag 7"
PT9 Aaron Zarzutzki & Nick Hoffman - Opening Band c10 out of print
PT8 Aaron Zarzutzki & Nick Hoffman - "PSYCHOPHAGI" LP out of print
PT7 David Russell - Architecture 7" lathe out of print
PT6 Satoshi Kanda/Nick Hoffman - Split c47 out of print
PT5 Nick Hoffman - Anima c47 out of print
PT4 Nick Hoffman - Ancient Tape Machine vol. 2 c48 out of print
PT3 Back Magic - Goldilocks 8" lathe out of print
PT2 VEYOU - Garden 10" lathe out of print
PT1 Katchmare - Palisade 8" lathe out of print
PT0 Locrian/Katchmare - Split  7" out of print